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BCE & VPE Twin Bldg.



Romulo Bldg. 


It was September 10, 1990 when Hon. Rufino S. Javier the congressman of Pasig worked for the establishment of a high school on Baranggay Sta. Lucia on June 19, 1994, Sta. Lucia High School was legislated by Republic Act 7767. A 24 room building`2 was constructed two years later and this building was formally inaugurated on March 10, 1998 Basic Education was made accessible to all Sta. Lucia residents when the school opened on June 1, 1998, the first day of school year 1998-1999. It had an initial enrolment of 1,086 students and teaching force of thirty four (34) teachers and five (5) non-teaching personnel It was made possible through the support of the Division Superintendent Dr. Perla B. Menguito. The salaries of teachers and the improvement and maintenance of the school facilities were funded out of the special education fund of the city government of Pasig led by Hon. Mayor Vicente P. Eusebio. The following school year 1999-2000 brought many blessings to the monthly allocation for maintenance and other operational expenses (MOOE). The construction of another 10-room building by the Department of Public Works and Highways and the 10-room VPE Building by the City Government of Pasig City begun August 1999. On October 1999, Nine (9) more permanent teaching items were given to SLHS. Little by little, the school gained stability both academic and financially. From school year 1998-1999 to 2000-2001, student population increase by leaps & bounds because of migration. At present, the school has a total of 3,989 student enrollees, a teaching force of one hundred fifteen teachers and 19 non-teaching support staff.

 Due to shortage of classrooms in the old campus because of the very limited ground space, the city government of Pasig worked out the purchase of 1.4 hectare campus for SLHS. In this campus site, a 34-room new Eusebio type building was constructed in October 2007.  With these additional 34 classrooms, the school head transferred half of its student population specially the second and the fourth year students by November 2007 in the new campus paving the way to on shift schedule. Two more building are now being constructed namely the 34 room Eusebio building phase 2 funded by the city government of Pasig and the 16-room Romulo building funded by DEPED and being constructed by DPWH. SLHS is really set to provide not just basic education but quality education since it opened more than 10 years ago. Hopefully, all the facilities will be complete by 2009 thru the joint effort of Hon. Robert C. Eusebio, city mayor & Hon. Roman T. Romulo, congressman, city of Pasig. The school has been performing well based on the NCAE. It had always ranked first in terms of mean percentage scores & the achievers in the division and even regional competitions . The school is headed by Ms. Virginia R. Membrebe, Principal IV since 1998 until the present time.